Studies show that many of us spend more time at work than we do at home.  What better way to support people living healthier lives than to bring the message of good nutrition, better health and greater well-being to the workplace?   In fact, wherever people gather is an opportunity to deliver the message of healthy living.


Our Workplace Wellness programs are based on a holistic approach to health and well-being.  In addition to the traditional topics of nutrition, exercise and weight management, we introduce the idea of primary foods - things like career, relationships and life purpose - that also feed us but are not found on our plates.  We strive to increase employee engagement and boost their energy levels, consequently improving their productivity levels.  Our programs offer something for all employees and can meet people wherever they are on their journeys to greater health. 


What about Schools, Churches and other Community-Based Organizations?


The same holds true for schools and places of worship.  These institutions are the pillars of our communities.   People gather to hear the messages of education and inspiration, and to renew their connections to Spirit, life purpose and meaning.  What better venue to deliver the message of good health? 


Our Workplace Wellness and Community-Based Wellness programs feature Lunch & Learn workshops, online health and nutrition webinars that can be viewed at one's leisure and group coaching.  Individualized coaching is also available for those wanting additional support.


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