In the Company of Women

Women's Empowerment Lunch and Learn Series

A series of Lunch and Learn workshops designed to expand the conversation on good nutrition and healthy living.  Participants are introduced to new tools and strategies to help them gain greater work/life balance.  Workshops are interactive and cover topics such as healthy eating, stress management, resilience, and finding meaning and purpose in life.  The series runs monthly for a total of 4-5 months.  Sessions are approximately 60-90 minutes long. 

  • WELLNESS 2.0:  Redefining Wellness




  • ADD-ON WORKSHOP:  Money Matters  


Educate a Man, Educate a Person
Educate a Woman, Educate a Family, a Nation
West African Proverb

Participants will:

  • Have a biometric profile to help them benchmark and measure progress towards a healthier body

  • Master the art of reading and interpreting food labels, one of the most powerful skills one can have to successfully lead a healthy lifestyle

  • Discover the connection between their food choices and their emotions

  • Learn tools and techniques for managing stress and becoming more resilient

  • Learn practical tips for better sleep

  • Discover their energy body and tips for managing their energy circuits

  • Uncover their legacy gifts, the key to discovering and following one's life purpose


What are people saying?

I learned SO sugar affects the body...what ingredients in food REALLY much water my body needs...the importance of protein and food in a diet.  I read the labels on foods constantly now!  I am selecting more PURE, non-processed foods now." 

A. Turner, HR Manager

Metropolitan Water District

This was very educational.  I've changed a lot of what I eat now.  I'm trying to get my kids and my husband to change, too.  It's a slow process.  They like what they like.  I really liked having the support of the team.  The ideas and suggestions from team members were great."

L. Martinez, Administrative Assistant

Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center

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"One of the biggest take a-ways for me was going back to my roots and understanding the gifts that we were born with and had at an early age.  Focusing on passion and doing what you love!  Balance, balance, balance - it doesn't look like the same for everyone!  Know where your energy comes from and ensure to take care to recharge.  Also --the power of story!  You are a great storyteller and engage everyone in the audience.  I could listen to your forever!" 

K. Guzman, COO


I participated in the wellness program for several months and saw myself lose 30 pounds.  I found that diets have never worked for me but the knowledge I gained from the class changed everything about my food choices.  And, that, more than anything, helps me control my weight."

E. Mamos

IT Manager

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"I've changed my portion sizes and decreased my fatty meat consumption.  I now know how to read labels.  I leaned that sugar is very bad for me.  It can cause problems with my body in multiple areas.  Still need help eating less sugar though and also drinking more water and staying with a constant workout plan."  

B. Jones

Social Worker

"Thank you Roslyn for the amazing Wellness presentations at our retreats!  I always feel motivated to conquer the world, but take care of my "self" too!  We truly appreciate your ability to inspire and share! 

L. Aguilera, Sr. Project Mgr/Director


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"The information on forming healthy eating habits and also forming basic meal plans was what I expected and more!   I didn't realize how simple it is to change poor eating habits.  I also really valued the positive interaction between group members."

R. Jefferson, Retired Teacher

LA Unified School District

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