Businesses are Winning at Wellness

  • Advantages of doing Wellness at Work

    • Strong social support for employees

    • Participation is always high

    • Wellness builds strong morale




Studies show that many of us spend more time at work than we do at home.  What better way to support people living healthier lives than to bring the message of good nutrition, better health and greater well-being to the workplace?   In fact, wherever people gather is an opportunity to deliver the message of healthy living.

  • Return on Investment (ROI) Outside of Healthcare Costs

    • Lower absenteeism

    • Lower workers compensation costs

    • Lower short-term and long-term disability claims

    • Improved morale

    • Reduced turnover


  • Creating Solutions to Problems.  What are your Employees' Problems?

    • Poor health

    • Weight gain

    • High health risks

    • Maybe they don't have a health problems but would like to lead a healthier lifestyle

    • High health care costs

    • Reduced productivity